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What can Elite Police do for me?

We can provide Mobile Police Patrol, Stationary Police Officers,  private communities, apartment complexes, residence checks, business checks, schools, government buildings and property, commercial buildings, business and private parking lots, hostile employee termination, company strikes/pickets, special sporting, music and government events; 
-Money escorts for merchants;
-Banks, credit unions, and ATM servicing companies; 
-We also provide executive protection services for athletes, celebrities, musicians and government officials. 
What is Elite Police Special Police jurisdiction?
Elite Police has jurisdiction on all property that we are contracted to protect by the owner or person in possession or control of the property.

Are Elite Police Officers the "Real Police?"
Yes. Elite Police Officers can make arrests for misdemeanors, felonies and issue citations for infractions, and make arrests the same as any police officer in the State of North Carolina.

If a criminal runs off the property, can you chase him?
As long as the incident started within our jurisdiction, and we are in immediate and continuous pursuit, we can pursue up to the state line. Our Officers can conduct investigations, issue citations or make arrests as needed, just as any other police officer may do.

Can Elite Police work for my city, town, state, or other governmental entity?

Yes, we can work for any federal, state, town, city, housing authority, lake authority, water and sewer authority in the State of North Carolina.  We are authorized to work on real property owned by or in the possession and control of governmental entities.  Examples would be: town hall, town parks, government owned buildings, public housing communities, hospitals, and similar areas.

Where does Elite Police Special Police get their authority from?
The North Carolina Attorney General, under Chapter 74E of the North Carolina General Statutes, authorizes the Company Police Program and certifies Special Police Agencies and Officers.
Elite Police is authorized to be a Special Police Agency through this program and all of our Police Officers are certified by this program.

Do Elite Police Officers carry guns and other weapons?
Yes. All Elite Police officers carry sidearms during the performance of their duties. Depending on the assignment, they may carry them openly while in uniform, or concealed when in plain clothes. Our officers also carry OC ("pepper") spray, impact weapons, shotguns and rifles.  All Elite Police Officers train regularly in firearms and defensive tactics as taught by state certified instructors.

Does Elite Police have blue lights and sirens on their cars?
Yes.  Elite Police Officers drive marked and unmarked patrol cars.  We use blue lights, sirens, mobile data terminals and have prisoner partitions.

Where in North Carolina does Elite Police work?
We are currently based in Charlotte and work in the surrounding counties, and we travel through out the state as assignments may require.

Are Elite Police Officer the same as Security Guards?
No.  Elite Police Officers are State certified Police Officers and who go through State mandated in-service training,  and have power to make arrests.  Security guards are not required to have this training, nor do they have arrest powers.

Is it better to hire Elite Police rather than Off Duty Police Officers?
The advantage of hiring Elite Police rather than off duty officers is liability and superior personal service. We carry our own workman's compensation, liability and automobile insurance. When you hire off-duty officers from a police department, you are liable for any claims made due to the actions of the officer you are employing.  Your concerns are our primary concerns.

Do Elite Police Officers go through a tough hiring process?
YES!  We have a thorough background check that goes beyond what is required by either the State of North Carolina or many public agencies.  After we are satisfied with an applicant, the State's Company Police Administrator does another background check and certification process. Only after the Administrator and Chief Reccardi are satisfied, may an Elite Police Officer be sworn in and hired.

Are Elite Police Officers professionally trained?
Absolutely, every year Elite Police Officers are required to take state mandated training. This training is taught by Certified North Carolina State Instructors.